I thoroughly believe in having like ten soulmates throughout your life, and ashliwood is one of them

I want you guys to know that i’m like a total idiot for this girl. I also want you to know that she said this after I sent her an embarrassingly long message of which some highlights were: my concern that I say the word “dick” too soon when meeting new people; how often my play throughs of the first bioshock game end with me screaming and/or spending an inordinate amount of time just thinking about how terrifying it is; desperately trying to convince her to play bioshock for me by using words like “alcohol” and “dream date”. i’m saying this because Y’ALL DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT CHIRP’S TYPE IS. and that type is probably drunk babies. face the facts.

The show’s theme song was sung by singer/comedian/actress/writer Rachel Sweet. It consisted entirely of a melody sung on the syllable “Na,” punctuated with the occasional “Way cool!” or “All right! All right!”, and underscored by rhythmic instrumentation, ending with a resounding “Just do it!”

this is exactly the kinda shit i like to read in the mornings

soda pop is my #1 favorite in the outsiders but also like…….bleached blonde pony boy is my dream aesthetic. conflicted about that only a little.

keep seeing all of these pumpkin recipes (obviously) but every single time I think it’s something with peanut butter, so I am constantly fooled. and let’s be real, pumpkin is alright, but peanut butter is a thousand times better. why isn’t peanut butter a fall flavor staple? it’s a real letdown is all I’m trying to say.

so i’m on month two of the insanity work out and it’s totally fine and all, the work outs aren’t impossible + for the most part i’m still loving it and etc etc. but it’s like ten/fifteen minutes longer than the first month’s videos?? and something about that enrages me??? sometimes i will literally stand there and not do a particular circuit just in opposition. cut to me whispering between clenched teeth “no shaun t, I will NOT do ur frickin walking push ups right now you beautiful son of a bitch, i’m over this. i don’t deserve this.”




Now that my half-sleeve is almost complete, I wanted to share it and the story behind it.

I’ve been reading obsessively since I was about 3-years-old, and I’ve been collecting quotes for as long as I can remember. I always have a hard time explaining myself and especially my feelings, it’s hard for me to find my own words, so I’ve been using other people’s words (i.e. quotes). About 4-5 years ago I had this idea for a full-sleeve tattoo. I wanted to turn my arm into a page from a book. There would be paragraphs, and little sketches and notes. It would look like a page from a second hand (note)book. This idea evolved over the years and about 7 months ago I finally got started.

The sentences in these paragraphs are all quoted from different people, and I created this collage myself. My own holy scripture. (“Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Here is the full text:

From the stories I expected the world to be sad, and it was. And I expected it to be wonderful. It was. Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it. Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is. I don’t know what’s waiting for us, but I hope one day we’re ready for it.

I am in the middle of growing up and into myself. I have immortal longings in me. Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I am not living. He said it’s all in your head, and I said, so’s everything - but he didn’t get it. If life were as simple as one-line poetry, black coffee, pressing flowers between the pages; I might find it easier to breathe. Sometimes my hands shake, but it’s okay because sometimes the whole Earth does too. I’d rather die terrified than live forever. If the universe, Big Bang and black holes and all, still dares to dream, then so will I. But not all dark places need light, I have to remember that. Mistakes aren’t always regrets. Sanity is a cozy lie. There’s beauty in the breakdown.

There will be two more paragraphs, I’m almost done with the final one, but not the third. It’s still a work in progress, but I know what the last line is going to be: "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."

I have a coffee cup stain around my shoulder, the Deathly Hallows symbol between the first two paragraphs, and the silhoutte of Night Vale around my arm. I will be getting 3 maybe 4 more things and then my half-sleeve will be complete. Then there will be a few touch-ups.

These quotes are from: Randall Munroe (XKCD), Claude Monet, Carl Sagan, Kurt Vonnegut, Ashli Wood, Sabrina Ward Harrison, William Shakespeare, Jonathan Safran Foer, Brian Andreas (StoryPeople), Tired Foxes, Jenna, Joey Comeau (A Softer World) (x2), Fernanda, Jeanette Winterson, Susan Sontag, Imogen Heap.

Artist: Cansu Olga -  Adana/ TURKEY

I want to be nonchalant about this but a human being (a really cool one) got something I wrote tattooed on them????????????? I mean….???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Fidan has been very, very kind to me over the years and tends to pop up in places I least expect but need most. Always a far away encouragement, a telling observation, something that usually makes me feel about sixty feet tall. I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that they wanted part of something I made years and years ago tattooed to them. This is honestly unreasonably cool, and I am extremely fuckin’ flattered to show up next to some great minds and some great babes. I’m incredibly positive that I do not deserve it, but here we are. What a gorgeous piece.

Grinning hard for sure. What a world.

i’m just nodding my head like an idiot because I feel 100% to a T exactly what both fernanda and jenna said???? I just. this is a really neat thing! I like these people a lot! i’m trying to be really casual about it but I’m so flattered and waaay not cool enough for this. still nodding like a fool but whatever because UUUUGHHHH heart eye emoji’s and etc!

okay did you guys know that mario punches yoshi to get him to use his tongue to attack enemies/eat fruit? PUNCHES him! yoshi flinches! i’m sweatin over it right now, i need a support group

savnerdig asked: Hi Ashli! Two words, markings and posy :) hope you're having a good day/evening/night :) (can't figure out time difference ha)

Aw thanks, you too!! :’)

posy:your favorite herbs? hmmm I’m a sucker for honeysuckle and elderflower! especially honeysuckle, we always had them growing all along the fences in our backyard and when I was younger I’d wander the subdivisions with neighborhood kids and we’d sometimes pick them off other people’s fences so we could eat the nectar like a lil treat! My mom still does that in our backyard too sometimes. I’d guess that the smell and taste of them is probably the most nostalgic thing I know

marking: describe your tattoos,or tattoos you would like in the future? no tattoos! I like em a lot on other people—especially thigh tattoos, I think they look cool as hell. Into anything watercolor, also mountains and evergreens; the kinda stuff that means something to me but doesn’t need to explain itself. The only tattoo I ever considered was the dots which connect to make ursa major on the back of my neck. I know I’ll never get it because I think I just don’t like the idea of having something I can’t move on from if I wanted + i’m weird about stuff!! but the story of it has to do with me and a guy who was one of my closest friends as a kid and teenager always calling each other bear - how we once road tripped with another guy, who in the interim turned into a brother, to the great northwest where we met a girl that became another important person for me - together in the northwest we saw ursa major (especially the seven brightest stars which make the big dipper) the biggest and brightest I had ever seen it. the constellation whose name translates to “the great bear”. it wasn’t this impressive sign so much as it was just a nod to stuff that felt maybe connected, maybe the product of chance. and, you know, that maybe chance wasn’t so bad. so there’s that!

kristen asked me these two and I accidentally answered it privately! idk why! just posting it here for now until I take them all down at the same time later. pssst these are so fun it’s dumb. and by dumb i mean frickin cool.

visitor:what creature visits your dreams most often? I don’t think I have anything, creature or otherwise, that has reoccurred! my dreams are really really incoherent. I used to get messages sometimes from people wanting to hear about them because I guess dreams come as these really poetic things for some people—I don’t know but my dreams are really jarring and exhausting. I manage to concoct all of these vivid rules that only exist in the dream and then spend the rest of the dream trying to convince myself that the rules are universal and have always made sense. I wake up really tired and annoyed about it.

treat: your favorite sweets? blackberry snowball from plum street in New Orleans or a strawberry shortcake stuffed snowball from a stand on the side of the road in Mandeville! especially the stuffed snowball, I could almost cry about it. Honey Yogurt ice cream from the penny ice creamery in Santa Cruz, ooof. I looove snacks but usually like savory over sweet in most situations! so I think my favorite kinda treat would be like a coke float and cheese fries. or a mexican coke! I pretty much exclusively drink water but will always love a cold coke.

thiselephantes asked: sleep & warmth!

sleep: what is the most comforting thing at night time for you? ahhh okay from least intimate to most: soft noise from a television show I’ve watched so many times I know it by heart (i.e. friends); feeling my husbands knees next to mine. wait that’s a weird thing to say, right? I like it to be really cold when I sleep because I get warm so easily and body heat will actually keep me up. so when I’m tired but can’t fall asleep I stick my left leg out just slightly, enough to brush against his knee, and it’s the fastest way I can fall asleep if my body’s fighting it; falling asleep next to my husband in my old bedroom in my parent’s house aka falling asleep in the same building as everyone that I love.

warmth:what do you find most charming in others? OH man, people who just generally laugh a lot and can make fun of themselves. I fucking love people who aren’t afraid to be like “I like you! I like this thing about you!” not necessarily to me but just to people in general. this wasn’t even a thing on my radar until I met this guy named kyle sometime late in high school who would always compliment his friends so straightforwardly, and it was never abrasive or anything, it was just refreshing and shockingly genuine of a high school boy to do. It wasn’t a thing I thought of people doing ever, but I love it and I try to do it a lot. I also love it when people curse!? not belligerently or anything, I’m trying to think of a way to more eloquently say “I LOVE PEOPLE WHO CURSE” and I’ve just got nothing. people who can say “shit” really good just get me.